Optimizing the Opening of a New Hospital

Posted by Christopher Mertin on June 03, 2017 in Visualization • 2 min read

Note: Proprietary data has been randomized/changed and does not reflect the results given to the hospital

I was contracted to do work for a hospital. They were in the process of expanding a new location, and were wanting to optimize the number of doctors to hire in each specialty.

They had data for patient visits, and I was tasked with creating a visualization to best showcase which doctors to bring in on the new hospital.

The first diagram can be seen below, and it consists of different groups and the “flow” from one specialty to another. If you hover over the name of the specialty, the other lines will be removed, resulting in just red and green lines being left.

If a specialty name is in “red,” then it is an outflow from that specialty, and if it is “green,” it’s inflow. The size of the lines is relative to the percentage of inflow patients. There are other departments that become red or green but have no lines to them, which is due to the fact of capping the data at 20% of referrals.

You also have the ability to click on a specialtiy name and it will alternate between just the outflow and inflow departments.

The other chart/diagram that I created was a chord diagram for the major departments. Hovering over a department name will give you more information and hide the other, unrelated, chords.

The chords are bi-directional, and the size of the chords are based on the number of referrals to that department. For example, if you hover over “cancer infusion,” you can see the chord between itself and internal medicine. This means that there are much less people that go to cancer infusion from internal medicine, and most of the time people go from cancer infusion to internal medicine.

From these diagrams, the hospital was able to make an informed decision on the number of doctors to hire and which departments would be best in order to have more patient visits.